Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vomit Induced by My Latest Article

The American Thinker piece “Civil Rights and the Collapse of Birmingham” generated terrific discussion. However, the piece did induce “vomit” from a former Chamber of Commerce figure. My intent was to induce contemplation and conversation, not vomit. 

One wonders whether his upchucking was merely an elaborate hoax, like that performed by Mrs. Henriette Pfenning, who in 19th century Germany vomited frogs –much to the delight of cheering throngs of spectators- only to be exposed as a hoaxer when it was found out that she merely hid the frogs in her skirt and pretended to unswallow them.

Returning to the modern era, following the unfortunate reaction to my American Thinker article, Joseph D. Bryant featured the piece in an AL.com/Birmingham News blog, and Bryant then did a follow-up with a very solid discussion of the intersection of race, culture, and governmental corruption.

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